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The words of Buddha always echo in my mind. I know how hard it is to be kind and also state your boundaries.

When I met the Dalai Lama, I was amazed and touched by his kindness. Surprised because fame left him untouched; the more his openness made me deeply respect him. I donated ‘La Roue Dentée de la Noblesse-fan’ to him.

Secret Hype /

Humberto Baker

​A Female Future /

Bette Spence

Wearing Meaning /

June Dorsey

​Echo Silhouettes /

Erika Simon


The Letter from Christian Lacroix

His letter made me realize that it is only now possible for folding fans to become a fashion accessory. And with the technology from this century, we can make the most beautiful fans ever.

Southern Exposure / 

Tammy Watson

Desert Club /

Jon Marshall

Don't Follow Me /

Nancy Prince

The Art of Escapism /

Kelli Serrano

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